How to write music

Hi dear friends! In this video, I will introduce you to the extraordinary composer Gyuli Kambarova, who is the author of the music for two of my films (You Are Not Alone! and Voice for the Voiceless). As you have already understood, recently the music of Gyuli Kambarova won two International Film Festivals at once. We really want you to be successful in your work, so we share our experience with you. You have a unique opportunity to ask any questions to the composer, so feel free to write in the comments about everything that interests you. We will try to answer all your questions without exception. And don’t forget to like and subscribe to the channel so that you don’t miss new useful tips from experts from the world of cinema. And so, let’s not waste any more time! Top 5 tips from the composer Gyuli Kambarova — HOW


Tip #1 How to find inspiration to write music?
Tip #2 What equipment is used to make music?
Tip #3 How to compose music?
Tip #4 How feel the beats of your music?
Tip #5 The secret technique of the movie composer
As you have already understood, music is of great importance in both feature and documentary films. Music can’t and shouldn’t be just a background to fill in the void. Music is a very powerful tool. Personally, as a director, I believe that the correct use of music in movies adds bright colors to your picture, which causes strong emotions in the viewer. Try, experiment and watch our new videos to promote your films to the top and International Film Festivals! Good luck to all!
Gyuli Nizamievna Kambarova is a Dagestan and Russian composer who is a member of the Union of Composers of Russian Federation, member of the International Alliance for Women in Music, member of the Music Teachers National Association, and member of the Songwriters Guild of America. She authored the music for the documentaries «You Are Not Alone» and «Voice for the Voiceless» directed by Anna Barsukova. She lives and works in United States.( Louisville, Kentucky)
Connection with the composer:
Web site:
YouTube channel:
Software for creating music:
• Logic Pro X
• Cubase
• MAGIX Music Maker 2015
• Mixcraft
• FL Studio (FruityLoops)
• Ableton Live
• Adobe Audition
• Reaper
• Sound Forge Pro
What programs do you use to successfully write a musical masterpiece?

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TOP 5 tips of composer Gyuli Kambarova | HOW TO WRITE MUSIC FOR A MOVIE