TOP 15 TIPS submitting film to festival

Hey everybody! Welcome to Anna Barsukova’s cinematic vlog . In this video, I will share my TOP 15 TIPS submitting film to festival, how to submit short film to film festival, how to promote your film to the audience, and what is video marketing. Dear Filmmaker! Plan budget with me and save money on festival fees! We will also listen to tips Jenny Neighbor – Sydney Film Festival’s Head of Programs, and Documentary Programmer (Thank you channel Australian Film Television and Radio School for providing video snippets.); Will see How were the Venice Film Festival 2020 and the Berlin Film Festival; Will learn movie reaction and so on…
So, filmmaking podcast! Happy viewing!

⚡️8 online platforms for sending movies to festivals: ⚡️
1. FilmFreeway
2. Reelport
3. Shortfilmdepot
4. Clickforfestivals
5. Festhome
6. Movibeta
7. Filmfestivallife
8. Filmfestplatform
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00:00 TOP 15 TIPS & TRICKS
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01:07 TIP#1 — Platforms.
01:47 TIP#2 — Information about the film.
03:04 TIP#3 — Press material.
03:18 TIP#4 — Read the festival rules!
04:30 TIP#5 — Two versions of the film.
04:44 TIP#6 — Subtitles.
05:13 TIP#7 — Budget.
05:29 TIP#8 — Saving money.
05:43 TIP#9 — Follow the order!
05:59 TIP#10 — Set up private viewing of your movie.
06:12 TIP#11 — Evaluate your capabilities.
07:15 TIP#12 — Relevance.
07:34 TIP#13 — Please be patient!
08:02 TIP#14 — Attend the event.
09:09 TIP#15 — Popularization.

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