Anna Barsukova — The show in Khanty-Mansiysk is the Voice for the Voiceless

Khanty-Mansiysk presented a film about a woman with a positive HIV status.

In the district capital, the premiere of the documentary «Voice for the voiceless» by Anna Barsukova took place.

This is the first Russian documentary about an HIV-infected person with an open face. The main character is a Yekaterinburg-born Marina Dryagina.
According to Anna, the search for a heroine for the film was long, and she, as the author, needed a long time to study the topic and dive into the issues. «When I saw that the topic is very multifaceted both from the legal point of view and from the ethical point of view, I narrowed my focus. After all, initially I wanted to make a popular science film, but then I realized that in the center of the polyhedron is a person who constantly faces discrimination and who is not so easy to find to participate in the shooting,» the Director said.

The first viewers of the film were high school students and students. They accepted the picture with great interest, and then had the opportunity to ask questions to Anna Barsukova. The audience was mainly interested in the future fate of the main character of the film, who openly announced her diagnosis, despite the fact that for a long time she hid this fact from friends and family. Many viewers openly sympathized with Marina and said that thanks to such socially-oriented projects, you can reconsider your beliefs about people with similar diseases.

In 2019, the documentary «Voice for the Voiceless» won the Grand Prix of the festival «Magic of cinema». It was also awarded at many other film competitions around the world (India, Romania, USA, Belarus, Italy, Germany, Australia).

«Documentaries in our time do not just record life. It provokes, shocks, surprises, and also forms public opinion» — said Anna Barsukova.

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