42nd Moscow International Film Festival

Hey everyone! Welcome to Anna Barsukova’s cinematic vlog ! Here I tell you about the Best International Film festivals. And today we will talk about one of them. Currently, Moscow hosts one of the most prestigious festivals in the world — the 42nd MIFF. Do you know what was the initial color of the magic carpet runner of the Moscow International Film Festival? You will learn the answer to this question from my video. By the way, the voice — over helped to voice-Haldenby Patrick. Thank you very much! Very beautiful voice! Friends, support our video with likes and comments . We tried very hard . Happy viewing!

Description: On October 1, 2020, the 42nd Moscow International Film Festival started. This is one of the most prestigious festivals in the world. Due to the spread of the Covid 19, many «A» class festivals were canceled. The pandemic made its own adjustments to the organization of the Moscow International Film Festival. The guests were wearing masks and gloves. Everyone present at the opening ceremony tried to keep their distance. But the passage of movie stars on the red carpet still took place.
Every year, Russia hosts one of the world’s oldest film festivals, one that is younger only than the Venice Film Festival. This is the Moscow International Film Festival.
The Moscow International Film Festival took place for the first time in 1935, under the name “Soviet Film Festival in Moscow”. However, it has been regularly held only since 1959. The main film festival award for the best film is the Golden St. George statue, which depicts the fight between St.George the Victorious and the dragon. The film festival’s president is Nikita Mikhalkov, a famous Russian actor and film director. The Moscow Film Festival features films from different countries. At different points in time, the film festival’s main award was won by such famous directors as Federico Fellini, Akira Kurosawa, Stanley Kramer and Sergei Bondarchuk. Over its history, the Moscow Film Festival, has always been attended by world-famous celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Jean Marais, Sophia Loren, Robert De Niro, Richard Gere, Jack Nicholson, Quentin Tarantino, and Will Smith. In 2013, the most eagerly anticipated star Brad Pitt. The film from the Moscow International Film Festival are shown in movie theaters in downtown Moscow.
And now I’ll give you the answer to the earlier quiz. Do you know what was the initial color of the main carpet runner of the Moscow International Film Festival? Initially, the main runner carpet of the Moscow International Film Festival was green. It was only in 2012, when the 34th Film Festival took place in the Oktiabr movie theater that the carpet’s color was changed to red.
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