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In advance of screening her documentary Fine Line in Bhutan as Druk International Film Festival's pre-selected winner, film director Anna Barsukova gave an interview to local media journalist Loknat Karma.

Fine Line is the winner of the Bhutan Festival

Anna Barsukova

Awarding of winners at the XXV All-Russian Shukshin Film Festival — Fine Line

Cinema and music: «Fine Line». A creative tandem of a director and a composer from different countries.

Prize for Fine Line at the XXV Shukshin Festival — PHOTO GALLERY

Fine Line - Between despair and hope - semifinalist at the festival in the USA

The world of cinema without borders! The success of the Russian film «Fine Line» at the International Festival in the USA

The film «Fine Line» became a participant of International festivals

Spring in the Blue Mountains of the Magadan region

«TV-Kolyma-Plus» about our film ‘Fine Line’

The Kolyma River. The village of Sinegorye.

Banner - Fine Line - documentary

Our new documentary «Fine Line» has been released

The films with international potential from the IDFA, Tallinn and Slamdance festivals


TOP 15 TIPS submitting film to festival

42nd Moscow International Film Festival

Film festival for debutants

Premiere in California


How to write music

Professional dubbing of the film «Voice for the Voiceless»

Greetings Anna Barsukova

Adoption story

The Best Film Festival

Anna Barsukova - Igor Skikevich

Igor Skikevich

Anna Barsukova presented the film "Voice for the Voiceless"

Anna Barsukova — The show in Khanty-Mansiysk is the Voice for the Voiceless


Voice for the Voiceless (description)

Screening of the film in Missouri

Gyuli Kambarova composer

I believe that music is the highest art in the world!


Documentary “Voice for the Voiceless”


Utah Film Festival & Awards (Utah, USA) posted a post about the film «Voice for the Voiceless»

Voice For The Voiceless Los Angeles

«Voice for the Voiceless» — semi-finalist at Jelly FEST (Los Angeles)

Media Publications

Stills — Voice for the Voiceless

What is our film about?

Documentary Voice for the Voiceless

Socially significant project

Social Justice Innovators: Women Connected Through Film and Space

Publication about our composer and about the film in the magazine «IAWM»

Grand Prix – “Cinema magic”

Presentation «You Are Not Alone» — Louisville (Kentucky)

Picture this - You Are Not Alone

Awards of the film «You Are Not Alone!»

You Are Not Alone! (description)

Premiere — You Are Not Alone!

Anna Barsukova

Anna Barsukova

Anna Barsukova filmmaker

Anna Barsukova

Anna Barsukova violinist #annabarsukova

Anna Barsukova

Michele Placido, Anna Barsukova #annabarsukova

Anna Barsukova

Alex Bogun, Anna Barsukova #annabarsukova #movie #film

Anna Barsukova

Anna Barsukova

Yegor Konchalovsky presents the Grand Prix to Anna Barsukova-min

Anna Barsukova cinematographer

Anna Barsukova

#annabarsukova #youarenotalone #аннабарсукова #тынеодин #movie #film

Anna Barsukova filmmaker

Anna Barsukova cinematographer, documentary film Director, filmmaker

Anna Barsukova

#annabarsukova #youarenotalone #аннабарсукова #тынеодин #movie #film Film composer Gyuli Kambarova


#annabarsukova #movie #film "Broken Path"— director Anna Barsukova

Broken Path (description)

We create designs that work!

Why do we like making movies? First, the idea materializes, and second-it turns out that people also need it. This is very cool!

Social project!

We consider cinema not only an artistic form wherein narrative experiences are performed or created, but also an opportunity for the audience to step out of their comfort zone and into dialogue with new challenging realities.

Humanity and human rights!

Our organization sees film as an easily accessible medium to spread awareness about human rights abuses, which can have an immense impact on the audience.

The meaning of our film work!

Our goal is threefold: to educate and expand awareness of social justice issues, both nationally and worldwide; to generate conversation and dialogue around civil and human rights, justice and injustice, as well as to inspire innovative and creative new approaches to social change.