The world of cinema without borders! The success of the Russian film «Fine Line» at the International Festival in the USA

Fine Line - Между отчаянием и надеждой - полуфиналист на фестивале в СШАOn June 25, 2023, the Student World Impact Film Festival-2023 ended.

The organizers of the Impact Film Festival are the driving force behind the community of people who truly love cinema.

The aim of the festival is to showcase impressive films that address important social and environmental issues and inspire positive change. The festival provides a platform for aspiring filmmakers to showcase their work, and for the audience to discuss the most important issues for them. The venue of the festival is the USA, but the demonstration of films was carried out through the ZOOM platform for representatives from 120 countries and more.

Fine Line - Between despair and hope - semifinalist at the festival in the USAFollowing the results of the festival, Anna Barsukova’s film about the village of Sinegorye in the Magadan region received a semi-finalist diploma, as well as an invitation to record a podcast together with other winners of the festival. The organizers of the film festival, the director of the film “Fine Line” Anna Barsukova, as well as the composer Gyuli Kambarova will take part in the conversation. A link to listen to the podcast will be posted on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Audible and Amazon Music.

At the request of the organizers, we recorded a welcome speech for the festival:


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