The film «Fine Line» became a participant of International festivals

Anna Barsukova’s documentary «Fine Line» (ru «Между отчаянием и надеждой») has become a participant in the programs of several International festivals:

  1. “RT Documentary — doc” Documentary Film Competition aRTel.doc (Russia)
  2. First-Time Filmmaker Sessions — hosted by Lift-Off Global (UK)
  3. Impact Film Festival (USA)
  4. ICF «Fathers and Children» (Russia), etc.
Banner with laurels — Fine Line


About the film: The prosperous village of Sinegorye fell into decline after the collapse of the USSR. However, 22 years later, desperate locals are once again gaining hope for a bright future and the revival of the village.


  1. Written, directed, camerawork & editing by

Anna Barsukova

  1. Aerial photography:

Ruslan Kinzyabitov

Valentina Dementieva

Oleg Kalinin

Grigory Bosak

  1. Audio mixing:

Viktor Solodov

  1. Music & arrangement:

Gyuli Kambarova

  1. Actors:

Ruslan Krysenko, Oksana Shapoval

The film has its own blog on Zen and an official website, where news about the film and its promotion regularly appear.

This project was supported by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Magadan region as part of the implementation of the national project «Small and Medium-sized entrepreneurship» social entrepreneurship.