Socially significant project

A documentary film «Voice for the voiceless» touches on a very relevant topic. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the dissemination of information about HIV and TB (tuberculosis) infections. However, despite the public outreach, the majority of Russian citizens continue to feel fear for these diseases, considering them extremely deadly, and infected — extremely dangerous for society. Many people do not know how to behave with HIV-infected people and what to do if their own test showed a positive result. A lot of questions arise in society, to which people have the right to hear the answers.
The purpose of the film is to overcome stigma and discrimination treatment of HIV-infected people, to combat stereotypes and misconceptions.
The choice of the main character is the key to the success! An interesting, complex, relatable hero will allow the viewers to connect with the story. In the context of our topic, taking into account the stigmatization of HIV and tuberculosis, it is assumed that the viewer expects to see a negative hero with a low social status and repulsive appearance. We are trying to show something completely opposite, highlighting a contradiction between reality and the viewer’s look of reality. «Strong hero» should be a positive example for other tuberculosis patients and HIV-infected, and should help society to overcome stigma and fear of the above diseases.
The heroine of our film was a girl named Marina — born in Ekaterinburg, observed by doctor Trushkin Evgeny Andreevich at the Sverdlovsk region AIDS center.
Marina is a deep, bright, intelligent and beautiful person with creative thinking, own worldview and a subtle spiritual organization. She belongs to the socially prosperous layers of the society, has a stable job, raises up a 5-year-old daughter. We aim to show the power of her character, her success and dedication. It is important to educate the viewer that anyone can get sick, regardless of gender, nationality, sexual activity and social status. Living with HIV does not prevent her from achieving serious results. Such qualities in a clear example can help others patients to believe in themselves. Reflection of the hero’s inner emotional state, will help «break» stigma and change public opinion about HIV-infected.

The film was repeatedly shown on regional TV channels in Russia on December 1, 2019 — World AIDS Day