Adoption story

Hello everybody! My name is Anna Barsukova and I am a documentary filmmaker and producer. I live in Russia and studying English. Please correct my English in the comments! Write your tips on how to reduce accent. American accent training is important for me! Please help me speak beautifully and correct! In my videos, I am interested in various topics: human rights, filmmaking podcast, transracial, attachment disorder, video production, adoption, film marketing, marketing mix, digital marketing, and so on. I created this channel to movie review and The Best International Film Festivals.

Movie You Are Not Alone — adoption story. Many women infertility. But even more orphans (infant, teenagers) dream of a new family. When I was making this film, I often heard from children: You guys sure you don’t want to adopt me? Adopt me, adopt me giveaway! How nice to know that you are the first time mom, even if your child is adopted! All rights reserved! We must respect human rights!

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