Media Publications

  1. Grand Prix of the festival «Magic of cinema» was won by a Director from Rostov-on-don
  2. Changes in the Rostov branch of the Union of cinematographers of Russia
  3. Women in Film & Television Vancouver (WIFTV)
  4. Composer Guli Kambarova organized a screening of the film in Kentucky (USA)
  5. Rostov documentaries received the award of the festival «Fathers and children»
  6. Grand Prix of the festival «Magic of cinema» was won by a Director from Rostov-on-don
  7. «I have HIV» — Screening of the acclaimed film in Ugra
  8. Small movie about a big man
  9. Russian-American Magazine «SOVA» — Inconvenient illness
  10. — Voice for the Voiceless in Spanish
  11. Publication about our composer and about the film in the magazine «IAWM» — The International Alliance for Women in Music
  12. IAWM Journal Fall 2019 Final Print
  13. Rostov premieres-international festival
  14. For the best feature film, for the best sound and cinematography at the Rostov regional short film competition «My land»
  15. 16 awards for six months-success of the film «You Are Not Alone!»
  16. Nominee Of the award «For the Good of Peace — — guest of honor of the festival «Spirit of fire»
  17. Why making a film about HIV in Yekaterinburg turned out to be a problem
  18. Grand Prix of the all-Russian film festival «Magic of cinema» was awarded to the Rostov Director
  19. Finalist of the Award «for the Benefit of Peace» became the winner
  20. Festival ZILANT — Best social film
  21. festival Winners-November 2-3
  22. Winner of the festival «Fathers and children»
  23. Winners of the ICF «Fathers and children» 2019
  24. 2019 Whistleblower Summit & Film Festival — International Film Lineup Announced
  25. Voice for the Voiceless was a finalist At the Whistleblower Summit Film Festival — 2019»
  26. The film «Voice for the Voiceless» became the finalist of the International Film Festival of Human Rights Films «Whistleblower Summit Film Festival — 2019»
  27. Award nominee’s Film-international film festival finalist
  28. Chhatrapati Shivaji International Film Festival 2019
  29. Winner of the award in the «Best concept» category»
  30. Diploma-The most life-saving film
  31. Odyssey Foundation supported the Serbs and the Director of Voices for the Voiceless
  32. — R it’s time to sum up the results of the V Festival of films and TV films of spiritual and moral content «Saint Vladimir» film Festival
  33. the film «Voice for the Voiceless» took the prize of «Saint Vladimir»
  34. Page with the list of finalists
  35. Voice for the Voiceless » festival finalist in Australia
  36. Our short social film «Voice for the Voiceless» was included in the list of finalists of the month (May 2019) of the festival in Australia, Sydney (@ChangingFaceIFF).
  37. «Voice for the Voiceless» will be performed in Australia
  38. «Voice for the Voiceless» — semi-finalist at Jelly FEST (Los Angeles)
  39. A wonderfully supportive and innovative festival in Los Angeles (California, USA) — Jelly FEST Film Festival.
  40. Film «Voice for the Voiceless» (Voice for the Voiceless) — semi-finalist Berlin festival
  41. Festival tour finalist Prize «For Peace»
  42. 2018 Picture this…film festival
  43. the Film «You Are Not Alone!» (Award: You Are Not Alone (Russia)) won in the category «Documentary 10-30 minutes»
  44. In the center «the Tsar» opened the festival of documentary cinema «Russia»
  45. Films-winners of the VI Open festival of Amateur and professional films «Берегиня»
  46. 16 awards for six months! Success of the film «You Are Not Alone!»
  47. the Magic of Cinema festival was held in Odintsovo
  48. Winner of the «Cinema Camp-2017» film festival: «Best documentary» Nomination — «You Are Not Alone!» — Director Anna Barsukova, Rostov-on-Don
  50. Reviews of the movie «You Are Not Alone!»
  51. «You Are Not Alone!» Violinist from Rostov won the prestigious film forum
  52. Dagestan will host a screening of the film «You Are Not Alone!»
  53. Guli Kambarova released disk
  54. Regional award-awarding
  55. Rostov Director’s film Will be shown at charity screenings
  56. Award at the festival «Meeting»
  57. Victory in the competition «My Land»
  58. Anna Barsukova — Анна Барсукова
  59. Anna Barsukova at the premiere of the film «You Are Not Alone!»
  60. Anna Barsukova-Director, Screenwriter, Producer, Cinematographer
  61. Olga Budina and Anna Barsukova