Greetings Anna Barsukova

Hello everybody! My name is Anna Barsukova. I’m the filmmaker. ❗❗❗ This video message is Greetings for the wonderful Film Festival «Picture this…» (ptff), which is located in Calgary — the small town in the province of Alberta in Canada. In 2018, my documentary «You Are Not Alone» won an award at this festival. I couldn’t make it to the awards ceremony, so I recorded an explainer video. I thank the festival for the opportunity to participate and for the high rating of my film! Link to watch the movie «You Are Not Alone»: . Subscribe to the channel and put likes ! Soon I will tell you more about the «Picture this…» Film Festival, and very soon there will be a video about how to submit short film to film festival and how to win film festivals. Don’t miss it! I love everyone and always with you I am Anna Barsukova filmmaker!

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